Anti-Social Social Selling: How I’m Failing

If there’s one thing I’m not good at, it’s selling books.  I don’t carry a business card, I don’t tell anyone about it, I don’t even have Instagram.

But I do believe in “social selling”, because it is a real thing.

Social, online or off, sells.

I probably shouldn’t publish my records to show it, but when I’ve been out and about talking to people at parties, and somebody – almost never me – mentions the Ebooks, I sell a few the next day.

A few I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

So I’d like to thank my small but dedicated base of advocates. I love all of you, but I want to list the ways in which I fail so that other writers don’t benefit.

  • I never bring it up – I’m happy to say that I’m a speak-when-spoken-to sort of person. If we’re in the same room and you hear about my writing, you didn’t hear it from me. I get uncomfortable about it, when I should take pride. It isn’t the best writing in the world, but I’ve tried hard to make sure I’m always getting better.
  • I don’t promote it online very well either – sure, I write a blog and thanks to my background in marketing I know how to get a few hits from Search Engine Optimisation, but the fact is there’s so much more I can and should be doing. To tell you a secret, this is actually part of my strategy, which you’ll hear about in the next post.
  • Aside from a few minutes after each publication, I don’t ask for reviews – reviews are the lifeblood of any Amazon ebook, and whilst I’m incredibly proud to have 21 reviews on the platform, it is not enough, and it never will be enough. I would absolutely love to have more truthful, honest reviews that help me learn as a writer. I can’t offer the ebooks for free, but if I could, I would, to get the feedback. This is without a doubt the biggest mistake I make and one of the easiest to fix.
  • I haven’t found a way to add value for free yet – this is something I will try to change through the blog. I want to deliver something that has a tangible worth for free to my readers – Amazon won’t let me do that – but this website will. I’ll be making a big effort to help you learn things that would cost a lot of money in the real world, for free, here on this site, like The Impact Formula.

How I plan to improve – now that I’ve written down each failing of mine, I realise they are relatively simple to fix: I must work harder, longer and smarter than ever.

Given how useless I’ve been, this shouldn’t be hard.

I’d like to say at this point though, that there’s at least one or two

Things I’ve done right – I’ve encourage – and in some cases paid for – excellent creative work. Just look at the ebook covers Hannah Lewis created for me, they are absolutely stunning.

I’ve helped other writers with screen plays, videos, blogs, poetry and more.

I’ve read widely, and reviewed great stuff.

But no, you’re right, that isn’t enough.

2017 will be a new year, and I have some Grand Plans. Tell me what you’re up to using the comment section.