Creative writing advice tips

Creative Writing Advice Everyone Needs

If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing about writing fiction that might make it easier; it would be this.

But I can’t, so I want readers to know the secret that they won’t tell you in writing school…

Of course, you’re supposed to figure this out for yourself, but read on if you could use some inspiration.

Creative writing advice tips

The Context:

The reason you’re reading this is probably because you are having difficulties with your writing.

It’s probable that you are thinking too much about too much.

Despite what everyone will tell you about writing you should never drop a bit and come back to it later because you’re “stuck” or it’s “too hard”. Tick things off a list as you work your way through the story, one thing at a time, but don’t stop.

Focus only on one chapter (or character) at a time and write each as a mini story, something must go on in every chapter that is self-contained AND part of a greater picture at the same time, similar to how comic books are written.

There are various and basic things we need to cover before even embarking upon the journey that writing anything will be.

For one, what is the title?

Secondly what do you imagine the cover will look like and why?

Will you write this in the first or the third person? A very interesting idea might be trying to write a chapter or two in the second person (perhaps the protagonist, old and mute, is having his tale told back to him by a young boy who has heard of his exploits “you did this and that”).

Will there be multiple narrators? And if so will they be reliable? If they are reliable why should we trust them? Be careful your authorial voice does not take over and reveal a bit too much.

An omnipotent voice in a work of fiction (or indeed any writing) can cause a lot of problems with the story.

In terms of actually trying to answer the questions you have asked I will do my best to do so now.

The Advice:

This is just an elaborate introduction to the best kept secret in creative writing.

Let me tell you what I uncovered during my creative writing degree, and had confirmed by a senior lecturer after I cornered him about it in the pub one night after our seminars.

You will be told by teachers, friends, family and the rest of the world that you will NEVER redefine a genre, become a big name, make a living from writing fiction or write anything that sits outside of the ‘Seven Plots’.

And then you will be told to read Kerouac, or Heller, or Joyce.

People who did exactly that.

Forget what you’ve heard and what I’m telling you. Read my words and tell me I’m wrong; it’s the greatest way to learn. Take and take and take and give nothing back until your book is unlike anything you’ve ever read.

Surprise yourself, inspire yourself. Try to arouse yourself if you can.

And if you don’t like it, start again.