Flash Fiction Scrapbook

Welcome to the Ghost Story Writer’s scrapbook.
This page will be home to poetry, flash fiction and other lies that have been written and not found a proper home within established stories.

Old London Town – a villanelle about homelessness in London

an old london town

“Old London town,

You’re sick and I’m ill

In colours of brown


Though I smile through my frown

Despair gnaws its fill

In old London town


The pawning of my crown

To pay the unseen bills

It’s bringing me down


Sinking, hoping to drown

In old London town

It’s bringing me down


My feet are how I get around

And I sleep upon a sill

It’s bringing me down

In old London town”



The Man Behind You

‘How’s the vodka?’

‘What?!’ she shouts so I hear her over the sound of the other hundred or so people in this awful club.

‘How’s the –‘

I stop. Something’s caught my eye.


‘What is it?’

‘There’s a man behind you, on his own. Don’t look’

‘What’s he looking at?’

‘He’s looking at you looking at me,’


 Piss & Wine: A Ghost Story – Light

Ghost Story Writer Image






“To be someone’s light, you have to burn” – The Ghost Story Writer

The two characters from Piss and Wine sit together by candlelight during a powercut and discuss the nature of their relationship.


Dropping the lead

People have a way of blinking and missing the moment.

I call it “dropping the lead”.


Because it’s the little things that fuck you up in life.

Once – many moons ago – I was on a run with my father and faithful hound Duffy.

It wasn’t until we were enjoying a beer in the garden on a breezy summer night an hour later that I realised: I dropped the lead.

The dog was nowhere to be found.

As silence dawned, the night woke to the sound of his screams.

His piercing howls that disturbed the otherwise silent night will haunt me, until I might find heaven too.

I’ll never drop the lead again.