Ghost story collection now available

The City of This: The Collected Ghost Stories of Alex Boast

At long last, the entire collection of Ghost Stories by Alex Boast is now available in one place on Amazon, for the first time, including a story based upon true events. A paperback version is to follow.

Dear Reader,

It brings me great joy to inform you that the long road to work on the novel is now fully-travelled.

The collection is now available and contains everything that came before, along with new material:

New Story – The City of This (A longer Ghost Story)

The Men in the Snow & Other Ghost Stories

The Cracks in the Statue & Other Ghost Stories

The Dark Arm (a longer Ghost Story)

Surrender – A Ghost Story

The City of This is a ghost story based upon real events that happened to me involving an inherited piano and some dreams I had about it. Those who have read my other stories might be able to spot a familiar character and see how these final stories wrap up the entire collection.

My stories share a universe based upon real life in which people – especially younger, damaged, people – are haunted, and what happens as a result.

These are themes that will continue to be explored in the novel and it’s sequel.

It comes rather later than planned – I had wanted to begin work on re-writing the novel at 27 years old. As I sit here typing this, I am 8 months from my thirtieth birthday.

But that’s what happens, isn’t it? And all journeys have lead to this destination.

I have learned much and grown as a writer, communicator and storyteller, and I am very excited to be heading off on an Arvon Course soon, long a dream of mine, to discuss writing ghost stories with both the students and the two talented tutors: Catriona Ward and Natasha Pulley.

This is very exciting because now all of the short fiction has finished and is gathering reviews and interest, I can pour my focus into the novel: Window Pain, on which I have been working most of my adult life.

Whilst my fiction writing has been somewhat lacking recently, I have embarked on a few other ventures, including writing in both the Quora and Medium Partner Programs, along with travelling the world with my full-time job that keeps the lights on.

Similarly, I am doing some mentoring at my universities, Royal Holloway and Kingston.

Everything I do is designed to teach me how to become a better writer, and one day, it will all be worth it.

Many thanks,