Piss and wine ghost story video

Piss & Wine: The film (with video)

Adapting a ghost story to the small screen and a lesson in personal branding

The Why:

It came as a surprise to me that Piss and Wine would be the focal point of my first collection.

After all, it isn’t called ‘Piss & Wine and other Ghost Stories’.

However, the story does have some background that I thought I would share, to try and understand the popularity of this story over more traditional offerings such as the eponymous tale.

Piss and Wine is rooted in my time at Kingston University in 2012, which is when I wrote the first draft.

It examines themes that my novel will take further: we’re all haunted by our own wasted potential.

This story is more about humanity than what happens after it.

It’s about one man’s relationship. With himself.

Maybe this focus on the human element, lends a relatable resonance to it. Take a look at this review:

Piss and wine ghost story review

What this means, I think, is the same thing we’ve always suspected: we’re so very afraid of ourselves, especially the feelings we don’t understand.

The hero of the story, what is he afraid of? Presumably, he’s so focussed on looking at his face in the mirror, he doesn’t even notice everything else in view, like the woman who’s always been there for him.

The reason for the film is that I’ve always wanted to adapt my writing for the stage. This is something I tried and failed at university and it is something I’ve tried and failed in 2015.

However, there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here: as embarrassing as my involvement is, I now know how to improve, instead of always wondering.

You see, a good friend of mine, who runs higgybankproductions.com, suggested the film in the first place, and had two very good actors lined up. When the male lead dropped out, he suggested I have a go for two reasons:

  • I know the lines
  • I look terrible

I’m yet to receive any feedback on the video, as this is one of the first steps towards the marketing I’ll be doing (more on that later), but stepping up to bring my the character – Ged, in the script – to life is not about my inability to act or write, it’s about the commitment I feel towards trying.

Also, our lead actress did a smashing job, and I’m very grateful for her involvement, she certainly carried me. You can follow her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/angharadactmod

When we make the next video – yes, there will be one – it will be the title story of the second collection: ‘The Cracks in the Statue’, which is another dive into the deep and meaningful.

Don’t worry, I won’t be in it.

I want ghoststorywriter.co.uk to become a media hub, not just a repository for my writing. I know so many talented people, I want to creative a collaborative community of writers and artists and produce excellent ghost stories, whatever medium we distribute them in.

I’ve not done nearly enough marketing of this site or the first ebook yet, but I will soon, in a way that hopefully provides a benefit to everybody, not just my own narcissistic narratives.

If you think you can, and want to help, do feel free to get in touch using the making contact page or you can tweet me at @ghoststorywritr – I’ll get round to using it more eventually!

The How:

On Wednesday 13th of May I booked a day off and we set about making history.

To get a better idea of ‘The how’, check out Higgybank on Facebook. If you do happen to have a look, I should probably let you know that I consider myself to be of the Method school of acting…

Also, that is an excellent excuse for my poor performance, for which I apologise.

The Video:

Piss and wine ghost story video

Here it is, consider it to be the beginning of a very steep learning curve for me.

Is it possible that I jumped the gun and got too excited? Or was simply having a go the right thing to do? Only time will tell, so keep an eye on the blog.

What happens next:

The reason I’ve been neglecting the site is simple: I’ve been hard at work on the second collection. Also, I have other commitments that can occupy a lot of my time. However, I am excited to say that I have been amassing a vast quantity of excellent images from a talented London illustrator that I am very excited to start sharing with you soon.

I am hoping the second collection will arrive in June, with a third on the way a few months later.

By then, I am hopeful that at least one of you will have enjoyed my work, so that it was all worth it.