short stories

The Short Ghost Stories

This page will eventually be home to four British Ghost Story anthologies that will be made available on Kindle with some available to read on this site.

Details about the first short story collection can be found below:

Each story will feature either one or more ghosts, or an unreliable narrator…

Expect the unexpected and know that none of us are safe from ourselves when the wind starts to howl.

Do not read these stories if you are expecting any of the following: vampires; werewolves; blood and guts; sexual violence or Horror over Terror. To learn more about the fiction I write, click here.

The Men in the Snow and other Ghost Stories

The first collection – with 9 reviews on Amazon – is an experimental piece of long and short form writing that tells the story of a haunted house in the English countryside, situated on the edge of a suburban town, that often sits just outside the light of the sun…

Titles include:

The Cracks in the Statue and other Ghost Stories

The second collection – with 5 reviews on Amazon – continues the first, from the past into the future, consisting of three short stories and a piece of flash fiction.

Titles include:

  • The Cracks in the Statue
  • The Declaration of Sin-Dependence
  • The Bird Feeders
  • The Man Behind You

To read more about how these stories came to be, head over to the blog and learn where it all began.


The Dark Arm: A Longer Ghost Story

My first attempt at a longer form story, ‘The Dark Arm: A British Ghost Story’ was published in March 2016 just before I started my new job, and has so far garnered six reviews on Amazon.

You can learn more about it here.


The City of This: The Final Ghost Story

Work is nearing completion on the fourth and final ghost story of my Ebook project, and the other assets such as the cover are ready.

More to come on this, very soon. Expect a December 2016 release date.


The Alex Boast Collection and Beyond:

Once ‘The City of This’ has been out for some time, I will update and re-release all previous Ebooks as part of a bigger collection for £1.99, this collection will include improved writing and some previously unseen material.

Beyond that, 2017 is going to be a big year.