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The Men In The Snow – The Story Behind The Ghosts

The Men in the Snow and Other Ghost Stories – the Story behind the Ghosts

The first Ebook, The Men in the Snow and other Ghost Stories, is finally available on Amazon.

You can read the official description on Amazon by clicking the link or the image above.

Ghost Story, Ghosts

This post’s aim is to provide some back-story into the stories themselves, and provide an insights into the thoughts and feelings behind this strange collection.

You could say that this story collection began to take place during my time studying a Master’s Degree at the Kingston Writing School, back in 2012, but it has been evolving in my mind ever since.

I had begun to realise that, unlike most writing students, I should not confine myself to one novel, and broaden my horizons.

Of course, an excellent way to learn writing is to venture into the world of short stories, and rather than deal solely in repurposed chapters of my major piece, I branched out into singular – but connected – stories.

Today, over a dozen of these stories exist in my hard drive, and I hope they will form the basis of four Ebook collections.

Eventually, I realised that ghost stories are similar to ghosts themselves, they haunt our imaginations in a way that means both they and we are never alone. As such, I began to create the “Ice Cage” in my mind: a location of cold and contained terror in the rural south east of England that could contain my cast and their adversaries.

You see, by tenuously tying them to a location, they can be separated through time. As such, the four brief stories in this first collection are related; they all take place in the same location, across a period of nearly 100 years.

Readers of this collection should be allowed to draw their own conclusions about how – specifically – these stories are connected, but I will go as far as to suggest that it is something to do with the nature of the four narrators:

The Little Girl and the Ghosts:

Writing as a young girl in an age we sit on the fringe of, was a unique challenge. This story reflects more mature writing and content, combined with the idyllic nature of the younger mind. Myself and anybody reading this could be the last generation to remember winter tales of terror told around a fire at Christmas, and we must keep this tradition alive.

It was whilst trudging through snow on my way to work that I first realised how sinister white, powdery substances can be, and how quickly our glee can turn to dread.

The Men in the Snow is a genre piece, and my attempt at a contribution to an incredible genre. A genre few still write well.

Set in the alien countryside, a young girl comes to terms with what isolation can really mean, even when she’s not alone…

The young beggar and the Ghost:

Moving forward in time about 50 years, The City is starting to invade the picturesque landscape of the previous story, and the house that once stood on its own is now on the edge of a bustling town; one full of secrets.

A young beggar, who’s narrative takes a different form, has recently come to the town following the loss of his only friend.

He’s haunted by something, but what, can only be revealed towards the end of his story.

The immature adult and his Ghost:

As we move towards modern times, we are met with an angry young man that is everything we’ve come to expect from the narcissistic and arrogant race we’ve become.

Or is he?

Piss and Wine is an incredibly experimental and personal account of someone trying – and failing – to deal with something.

What is it that he seeks and will he find it? You’ll have to read the story.

Enjoy the twist.

The future children and their Ghost:

Over 20 years from now, nothing much has changed. We’re still more obsessed with technology than ever, but what do we sacrifice every time we move towards convenience?

This piece of flash fiction serves as a warning not just to the readers of this Ebook and its descendants, but all of us, really.

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