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‘The Dark Arm’ – The Story behind the Story

The Dark Arm: A British Ghost Story is now available on Amazon!

I couldn’t be happier with how this – the third of my four Ebooks – has turned out. 

This story is an important part of my experimental media project, in that it steps away from the anthology format, and towards longer, self-contained stories.

Also, it addresses the feedback and conversations I’ve been having for the past year. It’s been 50 weeks since ‘The Men in the Snow’ arrived, and my struggles have been constant, but I am persevering with my journey to become a better writer.

Those that have read ‘The Dark Arm’ already understand that this is a different kind of story. It is much longer than the other stories, offering about 50% more words than either of the previous offerings. Also, it features a shocking climax, rather than a tried and tested one.

It is the first thing I have written that is spiritual, and there are strong Christian overtones throughout. For me, the God connection is important in this story. It’s about understanding and reconciling death, which our young hero tries his best to do.

Whilst this story stands on its own, I am so pleased with one of the characters in it that I will be bringing her back in Ebook Four for another adventure.

Work has begun on that already.

The plan for the rest of my 2016 is as follows: begin marketing this website and Ebook 3. Write Ebook four in time for a Christmas release. Re-Release everything along with Ebook 4 as the definitive Alex Boast collection, with updated and improved writing and stories.

Begin work on fourth re-write of my Novel, and begin recording of tie-in album for the novel, Window Pain, which will feature songs related to the characters and scenarios of the book, written and performed by me.

‘The Dark Arm’ and the feedback it generates will be instrumental in improving the quality of everything that comes after it, and I am, for once, very excited about the future.

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about Ebook for, tentatively titled ‘The City of This’ at the moment.

It will consist of three 2000 short stories, and a short 100 word piece of flash fiction, in the same vein as Ebooks 1 and 2. The closing piece is written and finished already and it is important.

The settings include London Bridge and the City of Amsterdam. One of the themes will be Romance and dating, in a style not dissimilar to Piss and Wine.

I hope that it does not take me many months, as the Dark Arm did (I wanted it to be ready by Christmas 2015) but you cannot rush these things. I also hope that it manages to go to some lighter places than the previous stories. Some ghost stories are pleasant ones, and it is my aim to have written at least one happy ending before I go back to working on my novel.

Thank you to everyone who has read the Ebooks and the updates on this site so far, I love all of you.