Two Sentence & Six Word Stories

Two sentence stories are an excellent writing exercise. It has often been said that if you cannot state something simply, you don’t understand it enough.

This particular picture below was inspired by a Quora post on the same topic, and I intend to use this page to house my answers. Infact, all of the topics on Two Sentence Stories are worth a read.

Like when Hemingway was challenged to tell a story in 6 words, two sentence stories rely on his “Iceberg Theory”, and can be incredibly thought provoking. Effective writing causes readers to think, and to fill in the blanks. Sometimes, though, we should provide a visual reference, so that they can compare the intended story with their own.

See below for an example:



Six Word Stories:

Made famous by the aforementioned Nobel Laureate, 6 word stories are really about the effective use of writing and communication, borrowing from traditional copy-writing techniques and conventions such as “Show, don’t tell”, “Less is more” and the idea that if you cannot say something simply, you don’t understand it enough.

See below for some examples of six word stories from The Ghost Story Writer:

“Booked our tickets to Heartbreak Station”

“Souls rest, if we let them”

“Heart grew back, I won’t share”

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New 2015 6 word story: A Meal For My Vagrant Heart

vagrant heart 6 word story